Runners from all around the world are organizing small or big voluntary runs in their respective countries under the banner of ‘Run to Rebuild Nepal’ to raise funds and awareness for Nepal earthquake victims. So far runners from 9 michael kors outlet uk countries including India, China, Japan, Belgium, United States, Germany, France, South Africa and Israel have organized small and big runs for the support of this cause. Similarly 7 more countries - UK, Singapore, Dominican Republic, Canada, Austria, Australia, and Norway have assured to run under the banner of  to Run to Rebuild Nepal. So far around 3 thousand US dollar has been raised from this campaign.

Start of this fundraising campaign


As longtime organizer of Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon and several other running events in Nepal, we have been able to get to know some of the most caring and wonderful people around the world. After the tragic earthquake of 25th April 2015, many lives were lost, much properties were damaged and many hearts and spirits broken. We wanted to raise funds for Nepal by what we do best - by running or organising Running Events. Our idea was simple, we asked our runner friends around the cheap michael kors world to help us by organizing small or big voluntary running groups in their respective country under the banner of ‘Run to Rebuild Nepal’ to raise funds and awareness. When we shared this idea, most were immediately ready to help - we are very grateful.

About Run to Rebuild Fundraiser


Our fundraiser initiated under the banner ‘Run to Rebuild Nepal’  focuses is on rebuilding efforts. The premise of this is that the recent flood of relief into Nepal have mostly been in the form of aid materials (tents, blanket, food, medicine etc) but Nepal will be facing an uphill battle for the next few years to rebuild hospitals, schools, infrastructure, sanitation in both cities and remote areas. ‘Run to Rebuild Nepal’ is focused on rebuilding efforts.

Funds will be channeled through our friend in US, One World Trekking &  Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon (THEM). All funding will be transparent and will be channelled directly to rebuilding efforts without any taken by our organisation. This is purely a non profit initiative. Reports on the fundraising (written and video) page


Runners and Friends who have Helped Nepal so Far



Gurugaon Aravalli Hills 21k

Running and Living led by Mr. Rahul Vergese organized 21K Gurgaon Aravalli hills on 24th May where around 250 runners participated. He raised awarness and funds by promoting this campaign on his running event and also by sending out newsletter to more than 10,000 people asking to donate for Run to Rebild Nepal campaign.


Fransis Kresten from Belgium:

Fransis Kresten Run to Rebuild Nepal Great Wall Marathon

Fransis Kresten, from Belgium supported our campaign different but creative way. He ran the Great Wall Marathon in China on 16th May 2015. After this Marathon he has asked his friends and acquaintances to donate whatever amount they can for his efforts. He collected 7 hundred 5 Euro.


Tel Aviv Runners Club from Israel:

Tel Aviv Club initiated a run under our banner for awareness purpose. More than  20 runners participated for this cause to raise awareness in Israel. They did a 8-10 KM weekend run.

Tel Aviv Running Club Run to Rebuild Nepal Israel


Craig Longobardi from USA

Craig Longobardi did a 5K run Oregon Rocky Mountains a world renown climbing venue . He did it for awareness purpose of our fundraiser campaign.

Description: Craig Longobardi USA running to raise awarness.png


Mr. Takashi Okada from Japan

Mr. Takashi Okada, a professional wrestler and casual runner from Japan organized a run on 30th May for awarness purpose. He is organizing Nepal Aid projects with the slogan "Power of Runners for Nepal" and " Power of Professional Wrestling for Nepal."

Description: Mr. Takashi Okada from Japan - Run for Nepal.jpg



The Neverest Girls - a group of passionate female runners based in Chamonix did a 20km run up to 2000m in the Chamonix mountains (France) for Run to Rebuild Nepal Campaign – 5 women participated.

Neverest Girls Run to Rebuild Nepal Chamonix France



Michele Ufer and Trail Running Adventure from Germany is doing a film screening (award-winning) & lecture on sport & mnagement psychology to raise funds to rebuild schools/medical facilities

Nonprofit organizations, like sport clubs, teams, group of interested people can host the screening, invite their friends and raise money (entry fee)/pay small screening fee. 100% of this money will be donate. For corporations it is the same, only screening fee is adapted and 50% is donated. Hosts will be listed on website and he is also integrate pics/videos into campaign. He is also raising awareness for Run to Rebuild Nepal by organizing small groups who are participating in different running events in Germany with Runt o Rebuild Nepal Banner. He is dontaing the amount raised directly to Khumbu.


Description: Germany Running and Spreading awareness for the cause.jpg


What will the Funds be Spent on?


For now fund raised from such campaign will spent in rebuilding tourist's destination Khumbu. We will allocate some funding for local climbers who lost their lives in Everest because of the avalanche caused by the earthquake.  Depending on the amount of funds raised, we will extend our rebuilding program to those districts where most of the school houses are damaged. Our concern is to help the younger generation of Nepal to get the proper education in critical time.

So far, around $ 700 has been handed to Mothers Group of Khumbu region to help them rebuild School, Medical facility and other community facility that is needy to them.

Run to rebuild Nepal is just a small initiative from Everest Marathon and  Adventure Sports Nepal.



We welcome anyone who is willing and has the ability to help us. We are not asking for any monetary help, we are asking for organisational help.

Like above you can also organise a small running group who will run for the cause of Raising Funds for Nepal under the banner of Run to Rebuild Nepal. You can do this by holding up the banner of “Run to Rebuild Nepal” and your individual country flag and record it on video and take pictures for promotional purposes of raising funds. Our plan is to raise awareness and funds from individual social media networks by compiling a video of as many countries as possible and hopefully make it go viral on social media platforms so that more people will donate as we know there is nothing more powerful than running for a good cause.

If anyone is interested to help, you can email

If you can, we also welcome your monetary contribution at


Example of what one our friend and what their running club is doing in Singapore:


Team V, as a START, I would like to propose organizing a 10 - 20 km leisure run in East Coast Park to raise awareness about this fundraiser.

Participants are encouraged to donate a small amount to the fundraiser via the link above.

During the run, we will hold up a banner for 'Run to Rebuild Nepal' and I will record this on video for program publicity.

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